Who Is Running This Blog?!


DisturbedAbout For Birds & Tea

A bit of the web that has been hijacked for talking about such things as writing, birds, the complete awesomeness that is tea and my existence as someone who was once trapped in the past but is learning to live in the moment (and so much better for it!)

About The Blogger

Leslie is an aspiring pen monkey who likes to escape into various creative projects such as reading, writing and photography.  She shares her home with her husband and various rescued animals – a dog named Kuma, two parrots (Ruby and Pepper) and two ferrets (Hunter and Grunt). Her yard is also a frequent stop for a variety of wild birds, rabbits and squirrels. She’s a writer of drabbles and flash fiction, currently working on a full-length novel. When she’s not trying to beat words into submission she can be found attending to various critters, playing video games or volunteering at the library.


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