Spending Time With Shared Experiences

Carrie Fisher

Yesterday while getting some stuff done around the house I listened the Carrie Fisher’s “Shockaholic”. I really enjoyed the whole thing but the first three chapters (more prominent in Ch. 2 &3) focus on her experiences with ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy or “Shock Therapy”). As someone who has had ECT in the past I’m always looking for relatable stories about something that was so helpful for me and is still so misunderstood. Carrie Fisher did not disappoint.

She talks about how she got to the point where something like ECT seemed like an acceptable option (when at one time she never, ever would have considered it). She talks about the experience of the procedures and the after effects. She even adds in a bit of history (other than the well known facts of it being used as punishment).

If you’re interested in knowing more about the process on a personal level or have experienced it yourself I highly recommend “Shockaholic”. I also recommend sticking around for the rest of the book. Carrie Fisher was an amazing woman and writer. I also really enjoyed her narration (should you also choose the audio version).

(That’s all! Just a quick post while it’s fresh in my head. )


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