Reflecting back & Looking forward

2016 was different for all of us. Some good, some bad and some a healthy mix of both. For me, it was the latter. I can’t knock it too much though because something amazing happened for me this year. Something I didn’t know was possible.

I started and completed a DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) program. Something I wish I’d had access to years ago. It brought me out of a place of constant depression and anxiety, a place where my past was present in every day. Despite years of being told that I would never feel right until I faced my past, lived in it and processed it I’ve learned that that way of thinking was dragging me down. I won’t say that the past is not important. I won’t say that it shouldn’t be faced. Everyone is different and has different ways of coping. For me putting more focus on how to get through the day-to-day symptoms and not so much on what brought them here has given me a sort of freedom. I ended the three month program about a month ago. I still have work to do (and that’s just what it is – lot of hard work). As someone who earlier this year felt that things would never change, could never change I’m so glad to be putting that work in.

For a long time I didn’t bother with making goals. I knew I’d fail every time, and I dreaded the disappointment inside that would follow. I’m feeling more, for lack of a better word, able these days. I’ve made some goals for the new year.

  • Turn my writing inward. I don’t know if I can completely leave fiction writing behind but I would like to put more focus on self-exploration with my writing.
  • Make more effort/ time for self-care. To include eating better and getting back to regular exercise. I used to jog and I loved doing it. I stopped when I developed chronic pain. When I was both jogging and eating well both my mood and body felt so much better!
  • More books!! I definitely want to fit in more books this year. I read kind of slowly and always wish I was able to consume more fictional awesomeness.
  • Grow out my pixie cut. Okay – probably a silly goal but I’ve tried three or four times in the past and just get frustrated and shorten it back up. This year I shall be victorious!

Have you got any goals for this year? Or this month or week? Even if it’s just for today. Maybe to get dressed or make sure that you drink enough water. Whatever your goals or plans please be kind to yourself. I know that on some days that’s the hardest goal to achieve.




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